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My mending afternoon

7 Nov

Next week I have my second mending afternoon in Buxton. Last time Brenda was kind enough to say that she could not believe how much she had learnt that afternoon.

this shows the stitching that had come undone at the neck. Re doing the knit stitches will put this right.


here the stitches have been picked up and secured
a neat edge ready to be finished and the cardigan ready to wear

Brenda was thrilled to have 2 dresses and a cardigan ready to wear again!  Must do a post about the after school group that I’m so pleased about.


Monday after school group

4 Nov

The after school class has started well and I now realise that I need to write down a little more because there is so much available on the web to direct people’s attention to.  It is such a fantastic resource that I must enable students to find extra learning! 

This week Levi’s has introduced a new denim collection made from recycled plastic bottles and food trays, as part of its sustainable design initiative.


This week I’m going to have a go at bargello work with the girls.  I was given some tapestry yarns by an older person and so I’m going to use these up.  I hope that the colours will be alright as when I looked at them they looked a bit subtle!  Hope to have some images soon.