New after school class and Bernina purchase

10 Jul

Plans for the after school class are moving along very nicely.  I hope to meet with at least 12 young people every week for an hour after school for an hour before they get too tired! Even better last weekend I found a room which is very reasonably priced to hire.  This takes the pressure away from combining the work to just an hour as students can stay longer if they wish.  I’ll be there later anyway for the adult class. 

Now I need to get organising.  Well actually I’ve been planning for a while as this class is a result of a grant application that I made earlier in the year.  I’m now dealing with a small committee and a constitution for my enthusiasm!  I just need to be sharing my skills and so far this is working out.

Time was spent in gaining funding for the venture and I had to remember what it was all about!  It’s about teaching a group of young people skills that unfortunately have not been taught in the local Community School for certainly 25 years.  I already have 2 Bernina 1008’s and am thinking of purchasing another one.  This is the machine that I remember so well from when I was teaching.  The sound of the machine and its smooth running are so familiar – that is why I bought a second hand one 3 years ago.  I have a walking foot but need to look at other feet that may be useful for the adult classes.  It’s all very exciting!


One Response to “New after school class and Bernina purchase”

  1. Sissy Rooney July 10, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    great stuff helen, keep up the amazing work!! x sissy

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