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Expensive afternoon

10 Mar

It proved to be an expensive afternoon!  I’d realised in the last few days that my little Elna Lotus’s would not go on forever.  One of them was my main machine for 25 years.   They had served me well but I needed to go shopping.  I was able to ask again at Bamber’s in Manchester about the rules for sewing machine purchase and my thoughts were confirmed.  In general the rule that you get what you pay for is true and then you have hassle free sewing.


My needs are a little different for classes as I need a machine that is robust, will cope with different materials from light to heavy weight, straight forward to help people learn and will serve me for a long time.  I also wanted a walking foot as that will allow some exciting things to be looked at.  I’ve come home with a Bernina!  It is a 1008, a good solid machine, much used in colleges and schools, and I’m sure it will serve me well -in fact I’m certain I will be able to sell it for a good price in the future.