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a library visit

25 Feb

I was going to write next about using a misprinted length of fabric but that will have to wait!  I got a really interesting book out of the library.  It’s called Signature Styles and looks at 20 people who enjoy crafts and create an individual look through their activities.  As each artist has a website and maybe a blog, I’m going to really enjoy looking at these.  They seem to be mainly in the US but maybe they are just a bit ahead of us.  It will be good to see how they have arrived at what they are doing today and manage to make it work.  There does seem to be a lot more activity in the States but this can help us get busy here!

That library visit was profitable as I also picked up a book by Beth Baumgartel on sewing techniques. I looked up and learnt that she is the Editor of Threads, which is a sewing magazine for quite experienced stitchers, and she is very knowledgeable.  The new technique books are interesting for me to see how things are being presented and also to learn a bit more.  It’s reminded me of a few things and I can think of different ways of doing a technique and put into practice.   There is also an excellent section on mending and repairing, adjusting and altering clothes which I am going to study and investigate.  It will be very useful for my work on darning which is the stitch I chose for my Mainly Stitch project this year.  We’ve just heard that we might have an opportunity to exhibit later this year.


Learning a lot

14 Feb

I realised that I was unhappy with the fit of a blue dress.  I liked the dress and in particular the fabric as I knew that it had been printed by Anokhi who hand print fabric just outside of Jaipur in India. A seam cut across the bust area, was uncomfortable and didn’t make me feel the best.  Fortunately the dress was a bit long and so I took off the stripy addition at the hem ( technically a faced hem) cut off a 2” strip and replaced the hem bit.


Next I undid the seam and gradually added a shaped bit to give me more fabric under the bust.  This bit was tedious and long winded!


I feel a sense of satisfaction and now I need to look at other things.  A tweet drew my attention to FBA which I had forgotten about. This stands for Full Bust Adjustment and I’m pleased.  Over the years my body shape has changed and I have got out of the habit of tackling demanding things when I haven’t had time, consequently I have a severe shortage of dresses!

Earlier in the week I sat with a copy of my pattern, paper, sellotape and scissors in front of the computer screen and followed the instructions.  Then I cut the front and back bodice out in old fabric, stitched together and tried on – I might need to make it a bit longer – but it fitted and I’m busy planning my dress.  


The brown paper is the original pattern with the white inserts additions that make it fit me and the fabric at the bottom left the ‘toile’ that is old fabric just cut out in the pattern shape to make sure that it fits me.