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The web is so useful!

23 Jan

It is only recently that I’ve begun to use the internet as a resource.  Well I’ve only just begun teaching again, so I’m finding it useful and also very interesting.  I have been able to find out so much that is happening in the sustainable world of textiles.  I’ve discovered a working model of how a machine stitch is made, a very comprehensive list of many of the online fabric sellers and through infrequent tweets learnt about FBA! 

FBA stands for Full Bust Adjustment and is necessary for a fuller bust area as most patterns are designed for a B cup size.  Already I’ve copied out the pattern I wish to alter (with the help of the printer and sellotape) and then I will adjust the copy pattern and cut out in old fabric to hopefully ensure a good fit.

Last weekend I did a workshop on using beads and sequins and here are several pieces of work from that event.



Looking forward

9 Jan

Looking forward

It’s one thing encouraging people to make do and mend and another to put it into practice! I realised that a dress that I like but wasn’t completely happy with the fit needed attention and so yesterday I removed the faced hem (the stripy bit) and today cut 3″ offt the length and have added the hem back onto the dress. It didn’t fit around the bust area – with an uncomfortable seam – so now I have enough material to put in to make it bigger. I must complete it soon otherwise I won’t have a comfortable summer dress!