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A January Drop In session

22 Dec
During the last few weeks I have been fortunate to talk to so many people that are keen to get sewing and make things.  There is so much enthusiasm which is fantastic!  Consequently I have decided to do a kick start type of thing- a drop in session.  I plan to hold this probably on a January Saturday morning in a hired room (cost £3) which will prompt people to get sewing. 
I have individuals interested from a fashion graduate to complete novices all wishing to get involved in something.  To anyone who isn’t aware – we all have ideas but most of us need some pushing, deadlines, to actually put things into practice! ( the fashion graduate is in that position!)  If there are issues that need solving then bring the questions and maybe items with you and then help is at hand…. like learning about a walking foot….
I have been busy continuing to source ideas and plan.  I’m finding out such a lot.  I hope that they don’t mind me saying but I came across The Bag Ladies in the Farmers Market today at the Octagon in Buxton.  Their items are handmade from recycled materials.
I have some waterproof fabric that I plan to use soon and then I’ve been looking at bag making techniques recently – all kinds of zipped fastenings and padded interfacings.  All the sorts of things that can extend the life of fabric, exploring, how we can use bits!
I heard back from Sass Brown in Florence this week. I have mentioned her before in an e-mail but not in the blog.  She is encouraging me to put pictures in so another bit of work to do!
Incidently I’m running all 3 classes as I have keen people but so far the numbers are a little low.  Hopefully I will get a few more from the adverts that are out this week.

Lots of bookings and an interesting link

14 Dec
Bookings are doing well for the classes after Christmas and so I’m pleased.  When I said that I would do classes I didn’t realise what I was starting!  Yesterday I spent the whole day in Bakewell Town Hall learning about social media and there is so much out there to find out and do.  This has helped me find out more about other enterprises in the UK.  One that I’ve liked is  I particularly like the links page to the on line resources and various fabrics.  As I knew that there would be, there is a lot of increasing interest in sewing things already.  I hope that you might find this site of interest – there are many others!
2 Dec

I need to have a look at how this blog looks, apparently I can alter the appearance!   This morning I’ve talked to the local paper and hope that we get a bit more publicity through them.  She seemed very sympathetic to what I’m doing.  I also heard back from Sissy Rooney at Street Style Surgery who I met last week at Harrogate.  She is running workshops in the NW of England, going into lots of schools encouraging young people to be creative and influence their attitudes to clothing.